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We are coming BACK today with 10 MORE cascading houseplants you can grow indoors for home decoration! Since our last post did so well on this topic, we decided to make a part two! Thanks for the overwhelming support on our blog, we sincerely appreciate it. <3

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10 More cascading houseplants you need in your collection!

And starting us off with our number one spot is…

1. Cebu Blue Pothos

Cascading Houseplants - Cebu Blue Pothos
Photo via JaysTropicals

This stunning plant has a gorgeous blue tint to it under softer lighting. You can grow Cebu Blue Pothos in 2 ways really: Either cascading down for a lush and full look, or you can train the plant to grow upwards by providing a moss pole as support! When this plant is given the opportunity to grow vertically it will actually fenestrate in maturity! Here’s a picture for reference

Seriously stunning plants with so much versatility to them! And they are quite common to find in stores on Etsy or sometimes local plant shops.

2. Peperomia Hope

Cascading Houseplants - Peperomia Hope
Photo via JaysTropicals

This Peperomia is one of my favorites for oh-so many reasons. It grows these cute, plush circular leaves that are surprisingly firm to the touch. It is a prolific grower in the right conditions and so easy to propagate! If you’re having trouble growing Peperomias in your home, read our article here to help understand what they do and don’t like.

If you have one of these beauties in your collection then you’ll understand why we are so in love with it. It’s different than many other peperomia that typically grow upright, so this trailing cutie is definitely a favorite.

3. Hoya Curtisii

Cascading Houseplants - Hoya Curtisii
Photo via JaysTropicals

The Hoya Curtisii is an underrated plant for sure! These small but striking little leaves go such a long way. It cascades beautifully down showing off her variegation, and if you’re lucky you can get even cuter flowers! This plant is a prolific grower under the right care and is so rewarding to watch as it fills in a space.

If you would like help with growing Hoyas, we dedicated an entire article about them here! Give it a read, its got lots of useful information to take your Hoya game to the next level, while also showcasing some of our favorite Hoyas!

4. Variegated String of Hearts

Cascading Houseplants - Variegated String of Hearts
Photo via leafmealoene

This elusive plant is definitely a show-stopper. Unlike its regular green cousin, this cutie has white splotches spread across its foliage and the newer growth comes out with a cheeky pink color before it fades to the creamy white. The care for the Variegated String of Hearts is a bit tedious and requires close attention. They prefer bright indirect light and bottom waterings once the soil dries out.

You can also easily propagate this plant using the “Butterfly method”, watch this video for a tutorial on how to do that!

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5. Hoya Bella

Cascading Houseplants - Hoya Bella
Photo via leafmealoene

The Hoya Bella is another one of those striking, statement piece houseplants. It is a more forgiving hoya and great for beginners. As you can see, plants can have so much potential when left to grow out a space! Hold back on the chopping this year and just let your plants take over.

6. Tradescantia Nanouk

Tradescantia Nanouk
Photo via plantsoffice

This pink gem is easily one of my favorite in the tradescantia family. The nanouk is a great plant to have if you’re looking for a bit of color in your collection. Those bright new pink leaves give us life, and the best part is is that they are easy to care for! You can also conveniently propagate them in water where their new roots will come rushing out in 1-2 weeks.

7. Lemon Lime Maranta (Prayer Plant)

Lemon Lime Maranta (Prayer Plant)
Photo via tats.plants

The Lemon Lime Maranta is a perfect addition for those of you who maintain a little higher humidity in your home. They are also called the Prayer Plant because once the sun goes down their foliage folds upwards looking much like praying hands! The brighter green colors this brings to your jungle is sure to stand out from the rest, but be wary for if your humidity is too low the edges of the leaves will crisp up!

8. Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron Brasil
Photo via byefleafa

The classic Philodendron Brasil. This is a staple plant in most people’s collection, and for good reason too. This gorgeous Philodendron has the most unique variegation spread across its foliage and each new leaf is so much different from the last. They are also so easy to propagate in water!

9. String of Turtles

The String of Turtles, aka the Peperomia Prostrata is an underrated trailing houseplant. Although they are difficult to take care of, they are so worth it. As their name implies, they have cute little turtle shell patterns across their leaves. In the right growing conditions these can be very prolific, and can be easily propagated using the butterfly method we mentioned earlier.

10. Scindapsus Truebii Moonlight

Scindapsus Truebii Moonlight
Photo via plant_piggy

The Scindapsus Truebii Moonlight is another elusive houseplant we can’t get enough of right now. These are especially cool for their thick and waxy leaves, compared to the normal semi-fuzzy Pictus. Either way, this one is a must have for any collector.

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10 More cascading houseplants you need in your collection!

Well that is 10 MORE Cascading Houseplants for your plant collection! Hope you enjoyed reading, truly. If you’d like to take a peak at my personal collection of fun aroids and tropicals, head over to my Instagram page!

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