How to DIY Self Watering Pots
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If you’re a plant parent like myself who’s always looking for ways to simplify their plant care routine, then you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m showing you How to DIY Self Watering Soil Planters.

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Here are links to Amazon for the items I used in this guide!

Cachepot (no drainage)
Square 4 inch Plastic Pot (with drainage)
Water Wicking String

It’s important to use Water Wicking String for this tutorial because most strings that aren’t the same material won’t efficiently wick water or they slowly deteroriate.

Cut your piece of string and run it through two of the drainage holes, leaving you a loop inside the planter.

So with one hand you’ll need to hold the string in place so that it rests 50% into the pot. With your other hand start filling your planter with soil so that the string is secured in place.

After this you can add your plant into the pot. Test your cachepot once more to ensure the strings reach the bottom. It’s typically safer to cut more string than less.

Once planted and all together, remove your pot from the cachepot. For the first time watering you will want to do it seperately on a tray to ensure all the soil gets evenly saturated. After this initial watering you won’t need remove to water again!

So now that the plant has been pre-watered, add your planter back into the cachepot which now has a full water reservoir on the bottom.

And that’s all there is to it! I’ve had these two plants set up in this for over 3 months and honestly they are the quickest growing plants in my collection right now. The access to water is very beneficial as the plant only pulls up as much water as it needs, and none that it doesn’t.

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