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Want to know how to grow a Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) houseplant? You’ve came to the right place.

Bird of Paradise Care Guide

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Bird of Paradise houseplants are a wishlist plant of mine that I am proud to say that I now own for myself. I got mine at a nursery in a “discount” section that aren’t typically ready for sale or are damaged in some way, so I scored mine for only $20. (and she is one hefty momma)

I bought mine on a total whim, without really knowing what to do with it and how to properly care for it, and so many online care guides out there lacked so much important information that is honestly crucial to their happiness.

So, that’s why I’m here. To stop the transitions of websites in order to find at least a basic care guide for them. But I’m going above and beyond, this is your one-stop-shop of houseplant care. Welcome to Pastel Dwelling.

Now, straight to the point.

Bird of Paradise Care Guide

What lighting your Bird of Paradise needs

This was something I had a difficult time finding online, and so many guides at there had blurred lines about what they need in order to continue growing and to really thrive in your home.

So, to be blunt, they need a lot of sunlight. Not just partial indirect sunlight like the middle of your living room gets. I mean, they need to be about a foot from your south facing windows. I actually currently have mine outside on my patio because that’s where she is going to get the best light for her.

If you are mainly wanting it just for the home aesthetic look and really want it in that room of yours that doesn’t honestly get any light, I would consider investing in a grow light that you can hang above it.

Get a hanging grow light, it’s $20. You aren’t going to be breaking the bank with this purchase and it will serve you very well and your Bird of Paradise will thank you for it in the long run.

Bird of Paradise Care Guide

Water requirements for your Bird of Paradise

This is where I saw the most grey areas in online guides. It isn’t that hard, really.

During the summer, keep the soil moist. During the winter, let it dry out between waterings.

That wasn’t so hard. In the summer (any warmer month really), which is the growing season, you will notice your Bird of Paradise pushing out the most growth in that 5-6 month span. That’s why you will need to be on top of watering it regularly, because it’s going to be using up all the water you give it.

Keep the soil moist, not wet, not soggy. Moist means that the soil is almost dry on the surface, but is still retaining at least some moisture that you can physically feel and touch.

During the winter and colder months of the year, the Bird of Paradise plant will become dormant. You probably won’t see hardly any growth during this time, and because of that, you are not going to need to water her as nearly as often as you would in the summer.

In the colder seasons, when the first 3 inches of soil is completely dry, that’s when I recommend watering your Bird of Paradise.

Bird of Paradise Care Guide

How to fertilize a Bird of Paradise

You will only need to fertilize 2, maybe 3 times in an entire year. Do it no more often than every 3 months and only fertilize during the growing season.

Anything more than that can cause roots to burn due to constant chemicals being put into the soil mix and your plant will die. It’s as easy as that.

Also be cautious when you fertilize that you don’t leave any on the leaves of your Bird of Paradise because that can lead to burning and scarring, so if you do accidentally get some on your leaves, be sure to wipe them clean as soon as possible so they don’t sit for long at all.

How to care for a Bird of Paradise

Until next time,

Happy growing!

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Comments (06)

  1. Do you know if outdoor Birds of Paradise have the same needs? I have had a plant in my garden for years and years. It hasn’t died but not much growth at all… Mind you I haven’t done anything to look after it either. The soil has lots of clay in it I think and there is a gum tree above that drops a LOT of euclyptus leaves on the ground where it is – so I don’t know it that is bad for it… I would love it to flower (which it hasn’t at all)… I am thinking I will fertilize it this spring to see if that helps?

  2. I just bought my first Bird of Paridise. Been looking for along time. Great info. I’m excited. I look forward to more tips on house plants I have. Thank you

  3. I inherited a Bird of Paradise plant after my mother in law passed away. I don’t know the age of the plant. It is about 20 inches tall with probably 20 fronds. I live in eastern North Carolina. it is HOT!!! She had it in a sun room but I do not have one. Should i place it outside on my front porch? I can position it where it will be in the sun all day. Are these plants poisonous to cats?

    Thank you for your advice. I certainly don’t want it to die.

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